It Pays to Verify The Simple Things While Engraving

As you continue to learn about engraving, you’ll note that there are things that will arise that can prove to be problematic. With laser engraving, once you’ve cut into the surface of an object, you’ll find that you simply cannot go back and make changes. This is why you need to ensure that even the most meniscal detail has been addressed and taken care of.

First, you should always verify the spelling of names. Never assume that a name is spelled a particular way just because it is the most common. Have customers spell out each letter for you when you take down the order and read it back to them. When you’re setting up your job, make sure you key the information in accordingly. This ensures that you don’t finish a massive job that is unusable because you failed to spell the names properly. Keep in mind that this is also the case when you are dealing with dates.

Next, is whether the surface can actually be engraved. Some materials are impossible to engrave. The reason is they can give off toxic fumes, such as PVC and these items violate regulations in the industry for being engraved. On the other hand, there are some items that could be engraved, but require special machinery. Many watches, and other high end items are making it harder and harder for engravers to work with their products. They make the engravable area so small that special tools are required to handle the engraving. In these cases, if you don’t have the tools, it is a good idea to partner with a company that can. You can then help each other to handle the different jobs that come in and create a mutually beneficial partnership.

When you keep yourself focused on the jobs you are doing and strive for excellence, you’ll typically deliver. Remember that engraving is an art that takes time. So take the time to master each of the different aspects so you can achieve a deeper level of success.

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