Three Essentials Tools of the Engraver

With a laser engraver, there are a few important things you’ll want to ensure that you keep some important items in mind. These items ensure your prep work for engraving goes smoothly and that you’ll have a positive experience.

Test Cuts – I cannot stress the importance of test cuts. As you are setting up the laser, you’ll want to do at least one test cut. This reduces the risk of you messing up a cut on the final project. You can use these test cuts to help you to address the power of the cut and ensure that the final project looks incredible.

Masking – When you engrave with a laser, you know there will be smoke. The larger the product, the more smoke that will be produced. In this case, you’ll want to consider having a section of the surface covered with this type of tape. The benefit of using masking tape is it doesn’t majorly impact the laser that is cutting the surface. At the same time, you have additional protection in place that will help to prevent bumps or other concerns from other forming. When you are done, you can simply remove the remaining masking tape. There is no risk of damage to the item you’ve engraved and you are left with a beautiful finished piece.

Presets – Your laser will have its own set of recommendations for different material and thickness settings to use. You’ll want to take the time to review this information and then test the different preset recommendations in order to succeed.

With these essentials in place, you’ll find that you are more successful with your engraving efforts. As you get more accustomed to utilizing these items, you should find that you do turn to them more frequently before you begin a project.

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